Integra Selects IX Reach to be their Peering Provider at Key IXPs

Logo_IntegraWho are they?

Integra is one of the largest providers of communication and network services in the western United States. Integra owns and operates its own network that is capable of delivering services to more than 400,000 businesses.

Founded in 1996, Integra has continued to expand across the United States and now serves 35 metropolitan markets.


Connecting with Europe was the first step in crossing the Atlantic for Integra, as part of its further expansion plans.

Integra needed to be able to offer robust and reliable connectivity from the USA to Europe with low latency. This would allow its customers to virtually interconnect with leading Internet Exchanges in Europe and also provide scope for further expansion in the region.


IX Reach was approached to provide a connectivity solution that would help Integra meet the demand of its continued success and expansion into Europe. This included connecting them to four of Europe’s largest Internet Exchanges, including: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX and Equinix Paris.

IX Reach achieved this by connecting Integra to its industry-leading global network and ecosystem, with a 2.5Gbps Layer 2 connection between New York and Amsterdam. VLANs were then simply added to connect to all four Internet Exchange Points in Europe.

The project was managed by the IX Reach technical team, which provided support to Integra throughout the setup.

IX Reach’s Virtual Interconnection service was the ideal solution for Integra, as it allowed for rapid connectivity with no need for colocation or hardware at each Internet Exchange Point.


As a result of the solution provided by IX Reach, Integra’s customers now benefit from high- speed, reliable network connections and seamless workload management between international offices. It has also enabled Integra to offer its customers direct connections to over 1,500 European peer networks.

Current and new customers who rely on connectivity to Europe, such as content providers, health care providers and researchers, financial services organizations and others, will profit from the dependable, high-bandwidth range of Integra’s network and IX Reach’s highly resilient and robust infrastructure.


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