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IX Reach and IIX are proud to be the sponsoring the social event following MORE IP US. The event follows on from NANOG 64. During the day the event is being held at NFIA San Francisco and the social will be held at Americano at the Hotel Vitalie.

MORE-IP US is a 1-day conference aimed at discussing and projecting future developments and demands within the Internet industry and IP Interconnection in particular. It is an event for peering, wholesale business and Internet engineering professionals interested in forecasting and managing regional, national and global Internet infrastructure & services demands.

A great selection of professionals from every Internet related sector will be present and participate. From data centers, transport providers, Internet applications, mobile, cloud, gaming and content networks to the access, service and hosting providers that make up the AMS-IX community.

The event includes discussions regarding peering, collaboration, starting a business, equipment, testing, data centers and transport in the exchange community as well offers plenty of networking opportunity.

For the full agenda click here