Celebrating AMS-IX’s 2013 Success

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Looking into AMS-IX’s New Connections of 2013

AMS-IX grew strongly in 2013, adding in total 110 new parties to the exchange platform. This number is higher than in previous years (89 in 2012, 106 in 2011 and 59 in 2010). Among the new connected parties are Booking.com, Adobe Systems, Wargaming Interactive, COMBELL and Iceland Telecom.

To give you a better idea of these new additions, the following paragraphs will go into this more deeply, addressing subjects as the origin and type (member/customer) of the parties.

Country of origin for new members at AMS-IX in 2013
Country of origin of new connected parties in 2013

Close to 20% of the new connected parties at AMS-IX originate from the Netherlands, making it the country where most of the new parties are based. The same percentage is also being reflected in our total number of connected networks. Besides the Netherlands most parties that started peering at AMS-IX in 2013 originate from the United Kingdom, France and the United States.

Continent of origin for new members at AMS-IX in 2013
Continent of origin of new connected parties in 2013

Parties who apply for a connection directly have the option to become a member of the AMS-IX Association or a customer. The only difference between the two options is that members may attend and vote in the AMS-IX Association General Meeting, and their representatives may be nominated for the AMS-IX Executive Board. Last year, 32% of the connected parties connected directly to AMS-IX, of whom 14% chose to become a member and 18% a customer. The other 68% were added to the exchange through a partner or reseller.

New members connected through a reseller like IX Reach
Overview of members, direct customers and connections via partner or reseller in 2013


IX Reach has earned 'Gold Partner' status on AMS-IX's remote peering reseller programIX Reach is delighted to see that AMS-IX experienced such dramatic growth in 2013. It’s always encouraging to see a close partner succeed, and IX Reach had added interested in the 2013 figures because they have been confirmed as the top contributor to AMS-IX’s 68% of newly connected members earning themselves Gold Partner status.

IX Reach enjoys an unrivalled partner network of major Internet Exchanges and has grown to become remote peering experts within the industry. Trusted by some of the biggest names in telecoms, IX Reach was formed from the growing need in the industry for simple network expansion solutions – particularly peering at major Internet Exchanges – without the customer having to manage each relationship individually.

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