IX Reach has connected the most networks to AMS-IX and DE-CIX in 2014!

The IX Reach team has never been so excited about the work postal delivery service before; within two weeks of each other, two large parcels have been delivered to the IX Reach office. Each time the team has crowded around  and discussed what they thought could be inside…

On July 21st, the penknife was first brought out and opened the first box; a big helium balloon burst out that had a colourful ‘congrats’ message across it, and laying on another package inside was a lovely message from our Amsterdam-based partners, AMS-IX, saying:

Well done from AMS-IX

The box within the parcel was opened, and in it was a presentation box containing three bottles of champagne! It was a beautiful and very thoughtful gift from AMS-IX, and the team quickly decided a night out was required where everyone could share in the success of teamwork at IX Reach and celebrate with a glass of bubbly!

Thanks AMS-IX!

Above is (L-R) John Hill, Rob Parker, Ruth Plater, Elaine Dixon, Craig Morris and Steve Wilcox with the gifts! We’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone at AMS-IX for the gift – we love it!

Two weeks later, another parcel arrived – the same excited buzz went around the office,and the penknife came out again. This time it was from our Frankfurt-based partners, DE-CIX, also congratulating us on being their number one reseller so far this year, and having already brought in ten new members to the Exchange!

Our presents from DE-CIX!

They sent two lovely hampers: one was filled with traditional German beers, and the other with traditional German food and two bottles of Riesling; we’re already planning a team BBQ where we can cook up some bratwurst! Above are (L-R) Frank Wilson, Steve Wilcox, Chris Matthews, Elaine Dixon, Debbie Mussell and Sean Mullin very excitedly holding the gifts. So again, a big thank you to everyone at DE-CIX for the very thoughtful gift!

The wine and beer selection looked so good and refreshing in the office, even Barney, the IX Reach dog, wanted to be a part of the action!

Barney and the DE-CIX gifts!

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