IX Reach takes part in LINX’s charity race day

Once again, in the name of charity (and of course, glory-seeking) IX Reach supported their partners, LINX, in raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society at their annual kart racing event at the Daytona Karting track in Milton Keynes.

This year’s team from IX Reach – still racing with the name “The Low Latency Racers” – consisted of Chris “Screeching Tyres” Matthews, John “Pedal to the Metal” HillRob “Need for Speed” Parker, and Rebecca “Foot to the Floor” Stanić.

Chris, John and Rob get ready to race!

As all professional athletes do, lunch was all about carb loading and hydrating to make sure they had the stamina to endure the entire two hour race. After suiting up and learning the rules of the road, the racers took to the track!

After getting to grips with the kart and learning how to take sharp corners without using the brakes to maximise speed to get around the track in record time… all racers took to their vehicles to battle it out.

Rebecca gives the thumbs up!

120 adrenaline fuelled minutes later, the black and white checkered flag was waved, and the 11 teams came back into the pits and off the track to see who was the winner.

Although “The Low Latency Racers” didn’t come in first, they did incredibly well and came in second place, only 15 seconds behind the winners, Interxion. In third position was Warwicknet.

Well done to all teams involved – it was a great day to socialise, network, and raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

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