IX Reach adds IXScotland to its list of IX partners

IXScotland-logoLondon, UK – February 2014: IX Reach, the global network connectivity solutions providers and remote peering specialists, added another IXP to its long and unrivalled list of major Internet Exchanges; hosted at Pulsant’s South Gyle data centre in Edinburgh and powered by LINX, IXScotland is the first dedicated Exchange for the region.

Using their ‘for the good of the Internet’ rule, LINX have endeavoured to improve the UK’s connectivity by seeing gaps in the market and opening IXPs to progress connectivity in the locality.

Scotland’s undulating geographical topography does not lend itself well to fast connectivity and low latency routes. Previous to IXScotland’s implementation, data that was being accessed in Scotland would need to go on a long round trip via London called ‘tromboning’, causing high latency issues and increasing the chances of packet loss.

The addition of this new IXP will enable networks to keep traffic local by removing the need to route via current Internet Exchanges in London or further afield in Europe, improving speeds and end user experience. Though still in its early days, IXScotland has already attracted nine members, with interest in the IXP always increasing.

LINX opened their first regional peering hub, IXManchester, in April 2012. Since its establishment, it has rooted itself as a true regional core, improving network connectivity in the North of England with traffic levels pushing 6Gbps from 43 connected members.

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About LINX
The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is the largest Internet Exchange Point in the UK, and is the country’s largest membership association for Internet Service Providers and other major network operators. We provide peering services and public policy representation to over 490 members across 60 countries. The LINX London network currently handles over 3.5 Tbps of peak traffic, 1.89 Tb/sec of which is over public peering and covers more than 80% of the global routing table. For more information, see: www.linx.net

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