LINX NoVA Launch Internet Exchange Services at EvoSwitch

First connected networks exchange IP traffic at Open-IX endorsed data center and Exchange

LINX NoVAAmsterdam and London, January 2014 – EvoSwitch, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative carrier-neutral data center services, today announced that LINX NoVA has turned up service at its data center in Manassas, VA and that the first LINX member networks present at that location have started the exchange of Internet traffic as part of the Acceptance Into Service (AIS) process.

“There has been a lot of attention worldwide for what we’re building here”, says John Souter, CEO of the London Internet Exchange which operates the LINX NoVA exchange point. “Our members have called on LINX to build a neutral, member-governed and distributed Internet Exchange in the most important US market where IP traffic is exchanged, and that is precisely what we are doing here with EvoSwitch in northern Virginia. We are in the process of having the exchange certified by Open-IX which we believe will represent our good of the Internet ethos”

Eric Boonstra, President of EvoSwitch, added: “We are very excited to see our vision come to fruition in such a grand way. What first was conceived as a service for our US customers, like we offer in Europe through partnerships with similar Internet Exchanges, tapped into a demand that over the course of building our plans burst out onto the stage in the shape of the Open-IX Association, formed by many internet-facing companies and the network service providers that connect them to the end users. We and LINX NoVA are fully aligned with their objectives and are both in the process of becoming certified by them, we as data center and LINX as Internet Exchange, where our network and content customers can securely and efficiently interconnect their content and networks.”

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IX Reach, the global network connectivity solutions provider and remote peering specialist, recently partnered with EvoSwitch and expanded its network to include their state of the art Manassas data center, which hosts LINX’s NoVA switch, on to its extensive PoP list.

Stephen Wilcox, CEO of IX Reach commented, “We’re very proud that not only was IX Reach among the first networks present at LINX NoVA but that we’ve kept this momentum and are with the first to utilise this connection and start exchanging traffic. As industry leaders in peering, IX Reach is always looking to further improve its peering offerings by joining more IXs and encouraging each IX’s expansion; we’re happy to support LINX in this new chapter and to boost the popularity of Open-IX. IX Reach is very much looking forward to help cultivate the opportunities that this new interconnection ecosystem will bring into the east coast marketplace.”

The European model of Internet Exchanges will greatly reduce the cost to exchange traffic and make more interconnection possible; instead of customers requiring many individual cross connects to bring their end users closer, LINX NoVA offers a platform for 10Gbit ports and even 100Gbit ports, through which we can send ‘one-to-many’ connections to multiple eyeball network partners.


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