News / November 5, 2014

Connect your network directly to Google Cloud Platform with IX Reach

London, United Kingdom - November 2014: IX Reach, the wholesale network solutions provider, has today announced the expansion of its cloud access services to allow cloud customers to reach Google's network-edge over an enterprise-grade connection. As a Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) Service Provider, IX Reach can now connect its global, high-speed network infrastructure directly to Google and provide enterprise-grade connectivity to Google Cloud Platform and the next generation of cloud computing. Enterprises are now able to connect their on-premises network, data centre, or any other network resource to Google via IX Reach. Connecting via IX Reach over GCI links can improve the consistency and reliability of a business’ cloud connections, by offering connectivity options that provide guaranteed bandwidth between the customer and Google’s edge location. The connections to Google are built with redundant links, which further increases the reliability of the solution. Steve Wilcox, Founder and Technical Director of IX Reach, commented, “Being able to expand our cloud access solutions to include Google is an exciting addition to our network offering and IX Reach’s growth. Google Cloud Platform is a fantastic tool for content and application developers and a valuable tool for many businesses around the world. We’re extremely pleased to be a part of the movement into cloud computing and being able to connect our customers with dedicated, private bandwidth from locations convenient for them.” For more information regarding Google Cloud Interconnect via IX Reach, contact your IX Reach representative, or email About IX Reach IX Reach is the global number one reseller for Internet Exchange Points and a leading provider of wholesale carrier solutions such as, 
IX remote peering, low latency global high-speed point-to-point and multipoint capacity, metro and DWDM in major cities, BGP transit, cloud connectivity solutions and colocation. The IX Reach platform enables carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprises of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint without the need to invest heavily in their own infrastructure or increase resources. Discover new markets and endless possibilities with IX Reach. For more information, visit our services page.