News / March 29, 2018

IX Reach now connecting with 200GE at DE-CIX Frankfurt

At IX Reach we work closely with our partners to develop the services we offer and provide through them which our customers ultimately benefit from! And with this, we like to highlight landmarks, achievements, and new services so our customers know how much we value them and that we are constantly working to improve their service with us; today, we're happy to announce a new milestone with our German IXP partner, DE-CIX - we're now connected at 200G into their Frankfurt exchange! The announcement was made via their newsletter: "IX Reach, one of DE-CIX’s top resellers, has recently upgraded its infrastructure in Frankfurt to 200GE. They once were the first reseller for DE-CIX Frankfurt, and later also the first reseller for Marseille and Dallas, and as such they have accompanied DE-CIX’s development for many years. Meanwhile, IX Reach connects networks to our exchanges in Frankfurt, New York, Dallas, Madrid, and Marseille, as well as UAE-IX via the IX Reach network and DE-CIX Istanbul, Hamburg, Munich and Dusseldorf via the DE-CIX GlobePEER Remote service. Overall, they are connecting more networks to DE-CIX than any other reseller. With the upgrade to 200GE, IX Reach is the third reseller connecting with multiple 100GE."

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