News / September 4, 2013

Our Final Winner of a Luxury British Hamper

As the summer has come to an end, so has our summer of competitions. Our congratulations go to Equinix. Yes, an entire company gets credit for the last competition, in particular Sam Johnston and Remco Van Mook. The two of them put a lot of effort into the previous three competitions, but they pulled out all the stops for the last one, and we truly appreciated the lengths they went to. Their entries included… The Good, The Bad and The Tier 1 SYN City The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Token Raiders of the Lost ACK Inglorious Bogons The TouRST The P’URG’e PSH The Great Walls of Fire In the Line of Fibre The Girl Who Played with Fibre Streets of Fibre Fibre down Below Ring of Fibre Fibre on the Amazon Rapid Fibre C’mon Baby Light My Fibre Through the Fibre Into the Fibre I think you’ll agree: fantastic effort. Well done Equinix – your reward is on its way!

The IX Reach Luxury Gift Basket