News / October 30, 2017

IX Reach acquisition of Console Connect’s Customers

IX Reach acquisition of Console Connect's Customers


What occurred?

On October 7th, IX Reach acquired Console's global network business - customers and network and related assets. In practical terms, Console Connect's UK subsidiaries became a new independent business and customers of Console's USA and Canadian subsidiaries have moved under this structure.

Who is IX Reach?

IX Reach was originally an independent business founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Stephen Wilcox. In 2015, IX Reach was acquired by IIX which later rebranded globally to Console Connect. In addition to IX Reach, Console's legacy brands included IIX, IIX Networkx, Allegro, Fiber Networx.

What is IX Reach now?

After purchasing Console's network business, Stephen is returning to the IX Reach brand name but the new IX Reach comprises all the component legacy elements and is considerably expanded as a result.

What about the network?

IX Reach will continue to operate the entire global footprint that you are familiar with. The network and services will continue to run as normal. This includes delivery into 3rd parties such as direct connects, data centres, cloud providers and Internet Exchanges.

What about my service?

Your service will continue unaffected, there are no changes to the network that will affect you and no locations or services are being shutdown or changed.

Are you still providing Console's ecosystem and portal?

All the connections into the ecosystem, all the cloud connections, all the L2 and L3 direct connections will continue to operate, all the participants including cloud providers, SaaS and businesses remain connected and unaffected - there are no technical service affecting changes. IX Reach does not own the Console portal and use and access of the portal has ceased. Customers will no longer be able to log in, socialise with other users or view their usage and configuration. There is no disruption to service when this occurs, but after this time you will need to speak to your account manager or raise a support ticket to make changes. We aim to turn around changes within 24 hours of any request arriving so we do not expect most customers will lose any functionality.

Are you going to launch a new portal?

Our immediate priority is to focus our efforts on bolstering the existing network, services and taking care of our customers, we think this should come first. Longer term we are working on providing visibility and SDN functionality and are in the process of speaking to our customers and partners to determine what their needs are.    

Legal Changes


What happens to my contracts and invoices? ​​​​​​

Console Network Solutions Ltd is now IX Reach Ltd If your contract is with Console Network Solutions (formerly IX Reach), nothing will change for you; you'll just see the name change on your billing. Former Allegro customers were previously merged here too and nothing changes for you other than name either. Console USA and Console Canada is now IX Reach International Ltd If your contract is with Console USA, Console Canada, IIX USA, IIX Canada, IIX Networx, your contracts were assigned to IX Reach International Ltd and your finance teams should have been notified of this (note IX Reach International Ltd was known as Console Technology Solutions Ltd prior to 30th October. Your payment details have changed! Please make sure your finance team makes payment by wire transfer to the IX Reach International bank account details, please do not make payment to any of the former Console USA or Console Canada bank accounts.

Contact information

If you're unsure who your account manager is, please email and we'll let you know. For general enquiries, sales enquiries, any finance or payment enquiries please call us on: Europe: +44 845 013 0845 Americas: +1 877 671 4734 For non-urgent technical support, please email For urgent network related support call us on: Europe: +44 845 217 8577 (NOC) Americas: +1 877 335 1192 (NOC) Also check out the new IX Reach social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

And finally...

  We would like to thank all our loyal customers for being here with us. Depending on your history you may have come in as Console or from one of our legacy brands before that, you may even be an original IX Reach customer - to all of you though we are happy to have you here. Recent times have not been an easy ride for some of you, with support, account management and service issues arising. We're sorry this has happened. Our team is working hard now with new investment to resolve all remaining issues. Please don't be quiet if something isn't as it should be, do let us know and we will do our very best to fix it for you. Note. Whilst we want to keep bulk emails to a minimum, we would like to keep you updated, and some of the information we need to share is formal notifications. We will try to keep these to as few as possible.