News / March 28, 2014

IX Reach announced as official reseller of DE-CIX New York

DE-CIXLondon, United Kingdom – March 2014: IX Reach, the global leading provider of wholesale carrier services, connectivity solutions and specialists in remote peering, has announced it is one of the first resellers of DE-CIX New York. The German IXP giant recently launched its highly popular and successful model in the US enabling local networks to keep their transit costs down and keep traffic within the region.

DE-CIX New York’s 111 access points are distributed across seven major data centres in the Manhattan, Long Island and Newark areas, making the IXP just a cross connect away from IX Reach’s east coast network. Like DE-CIX’s Frankfurt Exchange, DE-CIX New York has implemented the Apollon platform - the world’s largest and most advanced Ethernet interconnection technology - allowing traffic to be exchanged over highly secure and resilient connectivity to the DE-CIX New York peering platform.

This new announcement means the remote peering experts now offer remote peering solutions at all three DE-CIX powered IXPs; DE-CIX in Frankfurt,  DE-CIX New York, and also the Dubai-based Exchange, UAE-IX. Owing to this excellent reputation, IX Reach has enjoyed developing this strong partnership with DE-CIX and was proud to be announced as the number one reseller of peering services for the Frankfurt Exchange for 2013.

DE-CIX New York introduced the same reseller programme model used in Frankfurt, allowing third parties like IX Reach to resell peering ports into the Exchange anywhere they have infrastructure. IX remote peering solutions enables network expansion by connecting customers to the IXs remotely, eliminating the need for extra infrastructure, dealing with contractual and  legal issues and different technical teams.

With its excellent reputation as remote peering specialists, IX Reach is the clear choice for connectivity into any of the major peering platforms - its broad and far-reaching global network footprint includes major cities across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East with key cities having extensive metro connectivity.


About IX Reach

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