News / November 5, 2014

IX Reach Expands Layer 1 Offering with Long-Haul Waves in Europe

London, United Kingdom - November 2014: IX Reach, the wholesale network solutions provider, last month announced the launch of its long-haul DWDM offering between London and Amsterdam, adding to its impressive growth expansion plans in to the global Layer 1 market. The traditionally Layer 2 focused provider, recently lit fibre between London and Amsterdam, and is currently working on lighting more dark fibre between Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Combined with IX Reach’s already successful short-haul DWDM Metro offering in major cities in Europe, as well as New York and San Jose, customers with growing bandwidth needs will now have the luxury of a fully scalable solution. On all of IX Reach’s short and long-haul DWDM enabled routes, customers can now provision fully transparent, uncontended, secure waves in either single or multiple quantities, to suit their needs. Steve Wilcox, Founder and Technical Director of IX Reach, commented, “Adding long-haul waves to our network infrastructure is an exciting addition to our Layer 1 offering, and I’m extremely proud of the team and everyone’s combined efforts to move IX Reach fully in to the next wholesale Layer of network services.”

London DWDM Amsterdam DWDM

Click here to read all about IX Reach's DWDM offering. About IX Reach IX Reach is a global leading provider of wholesale carrier services and bundled connectivity solutions for carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks, such as: IX Remote Peering, low latency Global high-Speed Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Capacity, DWDM Connectivity, extensive Metro Ethernet in major cities, BGP TransitCloud Connectivity solutions and Colocation. Since 2007, IX Reach has cultivated an unrivalled partner network of key Internet Exchanges; data centres and cloud operators, while expanding the network globally in order to continue providing customers with all the benefits of one solution for their connectivity requirements.