News / May 7, 2018

Press Release: IX Reach announces its infrastructure upgrade into LINX

Manchester, United Kingdom – May 2018: IX Reach, the global leading provider of carrier services and connectivity solutions and specialists in remote peering, has today announced its infrastructure upgrade to 200GE into The London Internet Exchange (LINX). This upgrade will enable the remote peering experts to offer more competitive remote peering solutions into LINX so networks, CDNs and ISPs of all sizes can benefit. “We’re delighted to be in the position where we’ve needed to upgrade our capacity due to customer demand,” commented Dave Pumford, Lead Network Architect at IX Reach. “It's great to remain market leading in remote peering, especially with connecting so many global networks into LINX, and to continue to work closely with them to achieve another key milestone.” IX Reach has enjoyed a rich history with LINX and has lead the way for carrier/IXP partnerships; as the first reseller to take a 100GE port and the first network to offer remote peering at their US exchange, LINX NoVA, the relationship between the two companies is strong and continues to grow. Chief Marketing Officer at LINX, Kurtis Lindqvist, says: "LINX has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with IX Reach. The reseller programme has had many mutual benefits for our organisations and these new orders will certainly enhance that as we work together in future." With its excellent reputation as remote peering specialists, IX Reach is the clear choice for connectivity into LINX’s London, Manchester, Northern Virginia and Scotland exchanges; its broad and far-reaching global network footprint includes major cities across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East with key cities having extensive metro connectivity.   About IX Reach IX Reach is the global #1 reseller for Internet Exchange Points and a leading provider of wholesale carrier solutions such as IX remote peering, low latency global high-speed Point-to-Point and Multipoint capacity, extensive metro in major cities, enterprise business IP, BGP transit, cloud connectivity solutions and colocation. The IX Reach platform enables carriers, ISPs, 
and content providers of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint without the need to invest heavily in their own infrastructure or increase resources. Discover new markets and endless possibilities with IX Reach. For more information, visit About LINX The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is a mutually owned membership association for operators of Internet Protocol networks. They provide a neutral interconnection facility and peering platform, known as an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), and represent the interests of their members on matters of public policy. The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting over 820 member ASNs from over 75 countries around the globe. LINX are located in 12 PoPs across the capital along with regional exchanges in Wales, Manchester and Scotland. LINX also operates an Internet exchange in the Ashburn metro area in the US just outside Washington DC, LINX NoVA. For more information, please visit or email