News / December 12, 2012

IX Reach: enabling hassle free connectivity into UAE-IX

IX Reach - working with UAE-IX  for better Middle East connectivity December 2012: IX Reach, an international layer 2 carrier with its own MPLS network across 30+ key cities, has added the DE-CIX managed, Dubai based Internet Exchange point UAE-IX to its extensive portfolio of connected Internet Exchanges. This new addition will enable customers to connect from anywhere on IX Reach’s expansive network into du’s Datamena facility and UAE-IX located in the transit zone. UAE-IX was officially launched at the start of October this year and IX Reach were proactive and quick to see the benefits of adding connectivity to this new IXP to its range of services. Stephen Wilcox, CTO at IX Reach commented “IX Reach having a presence in Dubai and at UAE-IX will be particularly desirable for our customers; with our highly competitive service offering they will have the ability to peer in this growing telecoms market, provide connectivity to customers sites in the UAE and of course, it will enable companies within the region to expand into Europe and the Americas.” The coalition between Datamena, IX Reach and UAE-IX will benefit customers both internationally and regionally by offering companies outside the region the opportunity to gain access into and around the United Arab Emirates – a key international telecoms hub; also local companies connected within Datamena’s transit zone area will be able to use IX Reach’s broad network to access 65+ PoPs in 30+ cities globally. IX Reach’s products include: - MPLS connectivity directly into Datamena and UAE-IX - MPLS connectivity from Datamena and UAE to key European cities and Internet Exchanges - Special pricing on in our Global Carrier Centre colocation facility in London docklands including access to over 190 carriers Give in to peering pressure and find out more about IX Reach’s global network and connection options to UAE-IX from anywhere on-net – contact or call +44 845 013 0845.   About IX Reach IX Reach operates its own purpose built international MPLS network reaching over 30 major cities across Europe and North America and branching out into Asia and the Middle East. IX Reach specialise in providing bespoke solutions based on Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connectivity with flexible bandwidth capacity from 100Mbps to multiple 10Gbps, VLANs, VPNs, wavelengths and business IP. IX Reach’s network offers a robust and reliable platform designed to support customers such as carriers, ISPs, content providers and large corporates in order to expand their network across IX Reach’s 65+ data centres. IX Reach also has over 250 racks of colocation and can offer space from a ¼ rack up to large suites. Through its partnerships with key Internet Exchanges, data centres and cloud operators, IX Reach offers all the benefits of one simple solution. For more information about our services and our partnerships with key Internet Exchanges, data centres and cloud operators please email us at or call us on +44 845 013 0845. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.