News / July 11, 2013

Remote Peering Talk at LU-CIX’s General Meeting 2013

IX Reach’s Head of Marketing Ruth Plater recently visited Luxembourg from her base in Cologne, Germany to mingle with over 50 LU-CIX staff,  members and stakeholders at their annual General Meeting. Whilst there Ruth also delivered a talk on the impact Remote Peering has had on network architecture in current times when IP Transit prices are drastically dropping and discussed the challenges for smaller size operators to peer across the world. Mike Hellers, originally from Luxembourg and now Engineering Manager at LINX Networking, also presented an overview  on the on-going evolution of IXP platforms and Dirk Aertgeerts of ARBOR NETWORKS, presented a report on the latest trends in massive attacks (DDOS trends: Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Arbor Report 2012). IX Reach recently became the first carrier connected to the LU-CIX platform to offer remote peering services to all members, via LU-CIX’s Central European Peering Hub, to major Internet Exchanges, such as DE-CIX, LINX, France-IX and AMS-IX. More information from the event and presentation can be viewed by clicking here And to see Ruth's full presentation on SlideShare, click here