News / January 20, 2015

Stephen Wilcox speaks with CapacityTV

Stephen Wilcox, CEO of IX Reach sat down with Alex Hawkes from CapacityTV to speak about IX Reach's expansion plans and its partnership and collaboration with Viatel.

Stephen Wilcox speaks with CapacityTV

Click the image above, or here, to watch the video on YouTube.

In the four minute interview, Stephen commented that with the size of the Internet estimated to be doubling every two years, wholesale providers like IX Reach have to grow to meet the demand from their customers whilst still providing the quality or service everyone's come to know and expect.

Stephen goes on to explain that the relationship between the two companies started early on in IX Reach's history. A close partnership was forged when the first few build-outs occurred and IX Reach wanted a partner they could grow with, trust, and have support from.

IX Reach has always been impressed with Viatel's excellent engineering staff, consistent high quality of their services, early warnings for maintenance and if there is an issue with the network - which naturally occurs on any network - it's dealt with immediately with very little disruption.