The first carbon-neutral data centre in the Netherlands

Founded in 2007, EvoSwitch (a subsidiary of the OCOM group), became the first carbon and carrier-neutral data center in the Netherlands. Best known for their excellent data centre facilities and determination for sustainability, EvoSwitch has enjoyed rapid expansion and a well-liked and much-respected reputation.

EvoSwitch provides services to a wide range of organisations such as hosting providers, public institutions and private corporations. Having such a central role in so many sectors, EvoSwitch plays a big part of the daily Internet experience of millions of people around the world, and therefore cannot afford for any glitch in there high-tech systems. That’s why as an environmentally responsible and internationally relied-upon data centre, EvoSwitch stick by five key values:

EvoSwitch expansion

  • Maximum reliability and security
  • Green equals cost leadership
  • Strict policies and procedures
  • Supreme connectivity
  • Personal support 24/7

These values are at the core of each EvoSwitch location: AMS1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and WDC1 in Manassas, North Virginia, and are kept in mind with each phase of expansion.

A key value of EvoSwitch is their sustainability; as a company, they are constantly striving to do the best for the environment and protect the future of the planet – it’s the reason behind the green fan!

Typically, data centres are among the largest energy consumers in the world; conscious of global warming, EvoSwitch lead by example with responsible energy usage, reductions with their consumption and carbon footprint,  and invest in renewable energy, hoping others will follow their example. 


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