The European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX), is the brand name of Peering GmbH. Founded in 2001, ECIX operate sixteen Exchange Platforms across five cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. As the second largest IXP in Germany, both by membership and traffic, ECIX offers carrier neutral peering through these Internet Exchange points.

The ECIX platforms offer several value added services, including remote peering to other cities, parties and exchanges. These services are provided both by ECIX itself, as well as in co-operation with partners, like IX Reach. MPLS-based L2 Transport for public peering, private peering and site interconnection are available.

Besides providing peering services to over 150 connected parties, ECIX continues to develop its presence to meet the growing needs of the metro areas it serves, using the latest technologies. For this purpose, they currently operate five carrier-neutral, 100 GE Internet Exchange Platforms across Germany’s five largest metropolitan areas. The platforms are available across multiple POPs in each region.

ECIX’s infrastructure consists of high-speed ethernet fabrics distributed across the metros mentioned above, with each operated as a standalone local Internet Exchange. The various data centres within each metro are interconnected by redundant MPLS-based links over dark fibre. Currently operating an Extreme Networks and Brocade infrastructure with 1-100 Gbit/s links and supporting the Unicast IPv4, Multicast and IPv6 protocols.

For lower bandwidth remote peering requirements, ECIX also operates a redundant MPLS backbone over ethernet waves between all five areas. They can provide remote peering to all of their other locations, from any point in the service area. ECIX also offers remote peering to AMS-IX, LU-CIX and N-IX as an added service.

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