Virtual PoP

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Take the risk out of new markets

Expanding into unfamiliar and emerging markets can be expensive, with success often relying heavily on time to market. That’s why IX Reach’s Virtual PoP service is the ideal solution for networks looking to rapidly expand into new territories, without the headache or expense of dealing with multiple suppliers and deploying, managing and maintaining their own physical presence.

IX Reach’s vPoP provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the needs of the customer. Remotely access Internet Exchanges, Transit feeds and provision Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint circuits, with GE or 10GE ports, at any of IX Reach’s on-net locations.

Features and Benefits

  • Enable a PoP without deploying, managing or installing any equipment
  • A quick solution for network expansion into new territories and emerging markets
  • Provision VLANs at the time of order so they’re ready to go when you are
  • Easily add additional VLANs on request
  • Multiple GE or 10GE ports available at any on-net location
  • Ability to split a CDR across multiple ports and locations
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Single point of contact for legal, billing and technical
  • 24/7 NOC for monitoring and support

Provision ports in our new Global Carrier Centre and access 170+ local and global carriers


  • Virtual PoP Service Sheet

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