Benefits of IX Reach’s Metro DWDM solutions

You can specify A-Z path so you can have full diversity even for routes procured from a different carrier.

IX Reach’s Metro DWDM is fully transparent giving you greater visibility and control of your service for more effective network management.

Flexibility to specify protocols and security measures.


Get fully transparent, un-contended and secure connectivity with IX Reach’s Metro DWDM solution.

Where are we?

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Where are we?
North America

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Technical Specifications

Our Metro DWDM solution comes in 1Gbps and 10Gbps bandwidths with flexible network topologies for single or multiple waves.

IX Reach offers both LAN PHY and WAN PHY port options across its network for it’s Metro DWDM solution.

We offer STM 1, STM 4, STM 16, and STM 64 over our optical network.

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