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Robust connectivity solutions to support enterprise business IP requirements

With the rapid increase of large file transfers, video content and other big data, we understand the increasing bandwidth strain on modern businesses. Our extensive and protected global network, and metro connectivity in key European and US cities, allows us to offer a number of solutions to solve such problems, by providing private Ethernet connectivity services to leading enterprise customers.

Available services include IPLC, NNI and tail circuits, MPLS L2VPN and Direct Internet Access (DIA) within all countries covered by IX Reach’s global network.

Features and Benefits

  • IPLC, NNI & Tails
  • MPLS L2VPN and Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • High-speed business Internet access
  • Secure, reliable, dedicated private leased Internet lines
  • Choice of hub and spoke, mesh and custom topologies
  • 10Mb to 10000Mb access, with fractional, speeds available
  • Available regionally within all countries covered by IX Reach’s global network
  • Burstable solutions
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Single point of contact for legal, billing and technical
  • 24/7 NOC for monitoring and support

Combine with IX Reach’s SDN Cloud Connect service for a complete enterprise and cloud connectivity solution


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