News / February 18, 2013

IX Reach says ‘Bienvenue’ to over 15 new France-IX members

February 2013: IX Reach, a layer 2 carrier with its own global network, has built on its solid reputation of being a leading Internet Exchange (IX) connection provider after its recent push with its neighbours across the Channel, France-IX. For a limited time, IX Reach offered a free 100Mb connection into France-IX, the popular Parisian Exchange; more than 15 companies seized the opportunity to open up their network into the French hub and have become the latest France-IX members. Stephen Wilcox, Founder and CTO of IX Reach commented, “To bring more than 15 companies to an Internet Exchange in a period of less than two weeks is almost unheard of. We feel privileged to work with France-IX and be able to offer this ‘no obligation’ deal and boost France-IX’s name and popularity within the UK marketplace.” Solène Souquet, marketing manager of France-IX explained, “We’re grateful to be working closely with IX Reach promoting the services of France-IX. Working with a company well known for providing IX connections adds a certain gravitas, and opens up France-IX to companies that otherwise may not have joined. France-IX has over 200 members and peak traffic of over 160Gbps making it one of the largest IXPs in France. Using IX Reach to provide direct connections to France-IX enables customers broader access through its comprehensive global MPLS Ethernet network. IX Reach provides capacities ranging from 100Mbps to multiple 10Gbps from any on-net location to France-IX, opening up the country to the rest of Europe and North America. About IX Reach IX Reach operates its own purpose built international MPLS network reaching over 30 major cities across Europe and North America. IX Reach specialise in providing bespoke solutions based on Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connectivity with flexible bandwidth capacity from 100Mbps to multiple 10Gbps, VLANs, VPNs, wavelengths and business IP. IX Reach’s network offers a robust and reliable platform designed to support customers such as carriers, ISPs, content providers and large corporates in order to expand their network across IX Reach’s 70+ data centres. IX Reach also has over 250 racks of colocation and can offer space from a 1/4 rack up to large suites. Through its partnerships with key Internet Exchanges, data centres and cloud operators, IX Reach offers all the benefits of one simple solution. For more information about our services and our partnerships with key Internet Exchanges, data centres and cloud operators please visit us at, email us on or call us on +44 845 013 0845. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. About France-IX France-IX is the latest generation IXP based in France which offers Unicast and Multicast IPv4/IPv6 public peering, private peering (Closed User Groups), routes servers and a reseller program through various connection ports: 100 Mbps copper, 200Mbpbs (copper or optical), 1000 Mbps copper, 1 Gbps SX or LX, 2 Gbps and 10 Gbps LR. For further information, visit the website or contact