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International peering from a location that’s convenient for you

Enjoy all the benefits of joining the world’s most popular Internet Exchanges without the hassle.

IX Reach is the global leader in virtual interconnection and remote peering, and partners with more EU and US Internet Exchanges than any other network in the industry. We have a well-established history in peering, being the first official DE-CIX reseller, the first official ‘AMS-IX enabled’ provider and a reseller of LINX ConneXions, among many others.

Our interconnection and remote peering service enables near-instant network expansion by connecting customers to one or more Internet Exchanges virtually; removing the need to setup extra infrastructure, tackle difficult legal issues and juggle multiple technical and billing departments.

Features and Benefits

  • Access the world’s largest IXPs via a single port
  • GE and 10GE ports
  • Fractional ports available at the IXPs
  • Flexible and scalable CDR speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Option to split CDR across multiple locations
  • Bundled service for transport, IXP connectivity and membership
  • Delivered over Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint network topology
  • No need for colocation or hardware infrastructure at each IXP
  • No deployment or install required
  • Lower operational costs – pay only for the CDR you need
  • Reduction in upstream costs
  • Traffic optimisation and low latency
  • ASN presented at the IXP as if physically present
  • Seamless connection from your port to the IXP peering LAN
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Single point of contact for legal, billing and technical
  • 24/7 NOC for monitoring and support

In partnership with:


  • AMS-IX, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • BCIX, Berlin, Germany
  • BNIX, Brussels, Belgium
  • CIXP, Geneva, Switzerland
  • DE-CIX, Frankfurt, Germany
  • DE-CIX, Madrid, Spain
  • DE-CIX, Marseille, France
  • ECIX, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Equinix, Paris, France
  • Equinix, Zurich, Switzerland
  • France-IX, Paris, France
  • INEX, Dublin, Ireland
  • IX Leeds, Leeds, UK
  • IX Manchester (LINX), Manchester, UK
  • IX Scotland (LINX), Edinburgh, UK
  • LINX (LON1 and LON2), London, UK
  • LONAP, London, UK
  • LU-CIX, Luxembourg
  • MIX, Milan, Italy
  • Netnod, Stockholm, Sweden
  • NIX, Prague, Czech Republic
  • NL-ix, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • NL-ix, Frankfurt, Germany
  • PLIX, Warsaw, Poland
  • SwissIX, Switzerland
  • Top-IX, Turin, Italy
  • VIX, Vienna, Austria

US East Coast:

  • DE-CIX New York, New York, NY
  • Digital Realty IXP, New York, NY
  • Digital Realty IXP, Atlanta, GA
  • Equinix, Ashburn, VA
  • LINX NoVa, Ashburn, VA
  • NYIIX, New York, NY
  • Terremark NOTA, Miami, FL

US Central:

  • AMS-IX Chicago, IL
  • CHIX, Chicago, IL
  • DE-CIX Dallas, TX
  • Detroit-IX, Detroit, MI
  • Equinix Chicago, IL
  • Equinix Dallas, IL

US West Coast:

  • AMS-IX Bay Area, San Francisco, CA
  • Coresite Any2 California, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, CA
  • Coresite Any2 Northern California, San Jose, CA
  • Equinix, Los Angeles, CA
  • Equinix, Palo Alto, CA
  • Equinix, San Jose, CA
  • SFMIX, San Francisco, CA
  • SIX, Seattle, WA


  • QIX, Montreal, QC
  • TorIX, Toronto, ON
  • YYCIX, Calgary, AB

Middle East:

  • UAE-IX, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Equinix Hong Kong
  • Equinix Singapore
  • HKIX, Hong Kong
  • SGIX, Singapore

Combine with IX Reach’s Global high-speed capacity to access more major metro areas and interconnection hubs


  • Remote Peering product sheet
  • Available IXPs to peer at via IX Reach

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