News / November 25, 2015

IIX Revolutionises Enterprise Direct Connect with the Launch of Console Inc.

On the 4th of August IIX Inc., the parent company of IX Reach, IIX Inc., announced the launch of Console Inc. a new company that is changing the way organisations connect to their customers, vendors, and partners. In conjunction with the launch of Console, the company hosted Console Connect LIVE 2015 (CCL2015) at the Nob Hill Masonic Centre in San Francisco on September 9th. The inaugural event marked the unveiling of this innovative new SaaS platform and partner ecosystem. Collage3 CCL2015 was a one day event that brought together influencers, decision-makers, and thought-leaders from various industries, along with speakers from leading enterprises, content, cloud, data centre, and network service providers from Silicon Valley and beyond. Guests had a chance to listen to Al Burgio (CEO Console/IIX) and Paul Gampe (CTO Console/IIX) talking about the increasing demand for secure, direct network-to-network interconnection and how Console addresses this need; as well as other speakers from leading technology companies including: LinkedIn, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Box, and Laks Prabhala - Chief Information Security Officer for U.S Department of Justice. The event was a huge success, more than 200 attendees enjoyed great food, drinks and an evening social, entertained by the ‘industry’ band: William Norton aka Dr. Peering and VP Research at IIX playing the guitar, Steve Ginsberg - CIO, Pandora - Bass, Steve McQuarry - Network Engineer, Equinix - keyboard Greg Studley and Chris Horgan, Music Analysis Manager, Pandora. Collage2 compressed To learn more about Console click here.