News / October 6, 2014

The IX Reach Runners achieved and smashed their fundraising target!

At 12:15pm on Sunday October 5th 2014, The IX Reach Runners took their place at the start line on Clapham Common in London to take part in Cancer Research UK's 5k Pretty Muddy. 5K races were being started every 15 minutes from 10am, and walking to the common the girls were getting a very clear look into their pretty (very!) muddy futures. Unfortunately due to a broken ankle, Rebecca Stanić had to pull out at the last moment, but was luckily replaced by Elaine's friend, Kat.

Pre-race pose - Ruth, Elaine, and honorary IX Reach Runner, Kat

 After a 15 minute warm up, some chanting and a lot of screaming we were off! Obstacles tackled along our 5k included leaping over huge inflatable tubes into puddles of mud, jumping through a tyre run, climbing up and over 12ft high net, crawling through muddy tunnels, clambering through a spider-web net, belly-crawling through a pool of mud and finally sliding down an inflatable chute into, of course, yet another vat of mud. But just 35 minutes after starting, holding hands victoriously raised in the air (and absolutely covered in mud from head to toe) the IX Reach Runners crossed the finish line and received their medals.


Just because the race is over doesn't mean you can't still donate sponsorship money! Cancer Research is constantly doing excellent work to find out how we can prevent and cure this terrible disease; more than 1 in 3 people in the UK will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime, which means with odds as high as these, everyone will be effected in some way by cancer.

Thank you to everyone who donated - it means so much to us that you all got involved:

Anonymous | Arnold Nipper - DE-CIX | Sam Johnston - Equinix Elaine's family friends - Jane and Peter Barlow | Carol-Anne Alcock - friend of IX Reach | Elaine Dixon - IX Reach | Elaine's GrannieLynda and Guy Fotheringham - friends of IX Reach | Rebecca and Nikola Stanić - IX Reach | Martin Levy – CloudFlare | Bijal Sanghani – Euro-IX | Paul Schneider - friend of IX Reach | Elaine‘s cousin – Anna-Louise Thompson | Elaine‘s neighbours – Janet and Dave Dalby | Debbie Mussell - IX Reach | Steve Wilcox - IX Reach | Ben Nicklin - IX Reach | Rob Parker - IX Reach | Ruth Plater - IX Reach | Chelsea Aston – friend of IX Reach | Elaine‘s family friends – Jane and Ken Leigh | DE-CIX | Chris Matthews -  IX Reach | EvoSwitch | Andy Davidson – IXLeeds | Tesco | Sean Mullin – IX Reach | Elaine‘s Mum and Dad | Craig Morris – IX Reach | Luca Cicchelli – TOP-IX | Vince Rais – EvoSwitch | Rob Neep – Alternative Networks | Job Snijders – NTT Communications IMG_7568