IX Reach has joined the BCIX partner program to provide their customers with virtual interconnection and peering to the capital of Germany. Founded in 2002, the Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange (BCIX) is a neutral not-for-profit association and positions itself as being Berlin’s leading Internet Exchange. It is a network gateway to 5.8 million people living in the area of Berlin and Brandenburg. BCIX also connects to all kinds of local business access providers giving connectivity to one of Berlin’s most fascinating industry. The creative industry with about 37,000 companies employs more than 300,000 workers and produces an annual turnover of about 30 billion Euros. BCIX enjoys its good reputation for the following reasons:

  • Neutral IXP for Berlin
  • Lower network latency for the huge Berlin market
  • Robust peering platform distributed over 6 data centres:

– e-shelter, Nonnendammallee 15, 13599 Berlin
– Level 3, Gradestrasse 60, 12347 Berlin
– euNetworks / Lambdanet, Alboinstr. 36, 12103 Berlin
– CarrierColo (I/P/B/), Lützowstrasse 105/106, 10785 Berlin
– CarrierColo (I/P/B/), Kitzingstraße 15, 12277 Berlin
– Speedbone, Alboinstr. 36, 12103 Berlin

  • Broad range of peering products
  • Low cost interconnections

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