Choice. Digital Realty customers have lots of it. By deploying in a Digital Realty facility, customers are one connection away from hundreds of major telecom and data networks.

For years Digital Realty has brought the internet “inside” its core facilities by giving customers the option to cross connect to many active IP networks operated by other providers in our centres. We will continue to support access to these networks as they are instrumental to our customers’ growth. But now Digital Realty provides even more choice to its customers looking for more high quality IP network peering points with our Digital Realty Internet Exchange service in Atlanta, Dallas, New York and Phoenix.

The Digital Realty Internet Exchange is a neutral, privately owned and managed packet and Internet exchange, providing a high performance Internet peering fabric for participants. It allows customers to reduce operating costs by aggregating ISPs, content providers, enterprises and others on a single highly available service platform so that Internet traffic may have direct access to destination networks. The Exchange is designed to eliminate the middleman or transit provider which in turn leads to higher profits to you. Participants can route IP traffic efficiently providing faster, more reliable and lower-latency internet or VoIP access to their customers. We are able to help your Internet-connected business reduce operational costs, improve network performance, and add another layer of network resilience. In addition, Digital Realty offers members not only a world class exchange platform, but also a forum to discuss new ideas and planning for a better Internet.

Digital Realty Internet Exchange includes access to a centralised Ethernet switching fabric and the necessary supporting infrastructure to enable companies to connect and peer at speeds ranging from 1 Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet) to multiples of 10 Gbps and even 100 Gbps in our Atlanta and New York locations. For convenience, standard reporting tools allow members to monitor performance and traffic metrics.